How does Fun K-Town work?
On your first day, come to the Fun K-Town registration table, with your Eventbrite app or printed ticket. You will be given a name badge and a brief orientation. From there you can select a game from the Game Library or Community Games, head to the Game of the Hour corner, or play a game you brought to share with others. "Players Wanted" and "Teacher Wanted" flags are available to let other attendees know you have room for one more or need a little help to get started.

What games can I expect to play?
There will be a wide variety of games. Party games to strategy games. Most of the games fall into the ever-growing category of "hobby games" or "Eurogames." Shorter games may take 15 minutes while the longest games could go for half a day. Most are going to be an hour or two. Want to work as a team to solve a problem? There's a game for that. Want to be sneaky and outsmart your friends? There's a game for that too. Race cars? Cook sushi? Control armies? Chase monsters? Be a monster? There are games for all of those and more.

What if I have just started playing board games?
Fun K-Town is the place for you! You can take advantage of our Game of the Hour. Grab a chair, and the instructor will have you playing in no time.

I'm interested, but I'm not sure about coming by myself.
Don't be shy. Knoxville has a very friendly gaming community. The Game of the Hour is a great way to connect with other gamers or look for the "Players Wanted" signs on one of the tables.

Fun K-Town is listed as "family friendly". Are there activities for children?
Board games are a great way to connect with your family, so families are definitely invited. We do require all attendees 16 and under to be accompanied by an adult while attendees 12 and under are to be at a table with a parent. Please consider the interests and attention span of your younger children as you register. There will be games that older elementary children can play with their parents but not "children's games" in the traditional sense. We expect a room full of gamers, so be aware it may get noisy at times.