Fun K-Town 2024

April 26th - 28th, 2024
Knoxville Convention Center


Noon to Midnight


9am to Midnight


9am to 6pm

So many ways to play so many games!

Pick a Game

The Fun K-Town Game Library, with its hundreds of games, will be open throughout the event.  In addition to those, many of our attendees bring their own games to share during the event.  The list of available titles to choose from is huge

Find Some Players

The Board Game Community is a friendly bunch.  If you see a game starting, ask if there is room for another player.  Be on the lookout for a Players Wanted sign or grab one yourself.

Ask for Help

Definitely reach out to Registration Desk or find one of the Fun K-Bunch if you have questions.  We do have a few Teacher Wanted flags to let others know you are wanting to learn a new game.  You may be in luck and have someone around who knows your game.

Game of the Hour

Just head to the Game of the Hour corner
and the Game Host will have you playing
in just a few minutes.

Enjoy epic games that last a few hours?
Sign up for a seat at one of the BIG Games!

Play to Win!

Our generous sponsors have provided several Play to Win opportunities.  Try out the game, then write you name on the Play to Win sheet for a chance to take it home with you.

Virtual Flea Market

The Virtual Flea Market is a chance for Fun K-Town attendees to auction or sell games through the BoardGameGeek Marketplace, then conveniently meet the buyer at Fun K-Town for a "no shipping" exchange.  It is easy to participate and a great way to fine-tune your board game collection. 
The 2024 VFM will be opened for buyers and sellers about 45 days before Fun K-Town 2024.

Fun K-Town will be returning to the
Knoxville Convention Center
for our 2024 event!

Our event space will be located in the 200 Level Meeting Rooms, on the west side of the Convention Center, beside the west plaza.
Eventbrite registration required.

Friday:  Noon - Midnight

Saturday:  9am - Midnight

Sunday:  9am - 6pm 

Past events

Fun K-Town 2021

Our "Second Annual First Ever" Event (thanks, COVID) was a sellout success!

Fun K-Town 2022

Moving the event to the Knoxville Convention Center gave us more room and put us at the foot of the iconic Sunsphere.

Fun K-Town 2023

Increased our event space again and
more than doubled our attendance! 
2023 also was our first year with vendors on site.