Game of the Hour

What is the Game of the Hour?
The Game of the Hour was set up for two purposes: make it easy for folks new to gaming or game conventions to quickly engage and let folks have a chance to learn some of the popular games.

The Fun K-Town team has a selection of games that will be taught on a schedule on Friday and Saturday. The games will be light to medium weight games that can be taught quickly several times throughout the hour. The play times will vary from 15 to 90 minutes but there will be no rush to finish. When it is time for the next Game of the Hour, the teacher will just move to the next set of tables.

There is nothing to sign up for. Just show up in the Game of the Hour corner and let the Game Host know you are interested in learning their game.  

2024 Game of the Hour Schedule

Are you a publisher who would like to have a game included in next year's Game of the Hour schedule?

Send an email to to learn how.

2024 Game of the Hour Sponsors