2024 BIG Games

Fun K-Town is a great time to play some of those longer games.  Maybe someone has a favorite game that is even better with a full table.  Or perhaps they just want to make sure a recent Kickstarter makes it to the table.

The BIG Games List covers a range of player count and game times, but the thing that is consistent is that someone is looking for players to join them.  Take a look through the descriptions (or check out the BoardGameGeek link), then sign up. 

Be sure to check in periodically to see if new game slots have been added.  You can always update your list of sign ups.

If you have a special game that you would like to add to the schedule and host, send an email to Mike - mrandolph@fun-k-town.comInclude the time slot(s) you want to schedule, the maximum number of players you can accept, whether this is a teaching game or for veterans only, and any notes about expansions, etc.
(You will be responsible for supplying the copy of the game.) 

The 2024 BIG Game Sign Ups
will be available about
60 days before Fun K-Town 2024.
Check out what we did last year!