Virtual Flea Market

The 2024 Virtual Flea Market Is Open!

Click the image to the right to go to the 2024 Virtual Flea Market.

What is a Virtual Flea Market? A Virtual Flea Market (VFM) is a chance for Fun K-Town 2024 attendees to auction or sell games through the BGG Marketplace, then conveniently meet the buyer at Fun K-Town for a “no shipping” exchange. Sellers add items to the VFM List with their terms for that item. Interested bidders bid by adding comments to the line item. (Credit to BGG.Con and Tennessee Game Days for most of these awesome VFM guidelines.)

IMPORTANT: Everyone participating in the Fun K-Town 2024 VFM must be registered to attend Fun K-Town 2024. 

Please note that, this year, Fun K-Town is not planning a dedicated time for the VFM exchange. The Seller and Buyer will be responsible for working out a meeting time during Fun K-Town 2024 that works for both. This VFM will also not have the external summary lists sometimes used with the large convention VFMs.

Some Dos and Don’ts for the Seller

DO . . . List your items. The more you list, the more interest the list will gain and the better your chance to make room on your game shelf for something different.

DON’T . . . DELETE your listing. Deleted listings disrupts affects how others search by page or ID If the item is no longer available, just add “SOLD” to the item description. If there is already a winning bid, please notify the potential buyer that the item no longer available.

DO . . . Use all applicable terms (listed below) in your listing. Listing may include HR / SR / BIN in any combination (or none at all).

DON’T . . . Relist an item due to changes. Use the same Geeklist Line for any updates to your listing. (Dutch Auction price changes, additional information, etc.) (See DON’T DELETE above.)

DO . . . Include an End Time and End Date in your listing.

DO . . . Update your listing when at item is sold. Add the word “SOLD” in the item description and include the BGG markup [ user = buyersusername ] or [ username = buyersusername ] (without the spaces).

DO . . . Process all your payments through BGG Marketplace. Per BGG guidelines, it is the seller’s responsibility to do this after receiving payment. This can be quickly and easily done with a button on the Geeklist item.

DO . . . Contact the winning bidder through their GeekMail address to arrange an exchange time.

VFM Terms

*Auction - Bids can be made starting at whatever minimum is specified and the auction will end at the item owner's discretion. This may be at a predetermined time or at the owner's whim. It is strongly recommended that auctions specify at least an approximate end date and time so that people can adequately plan around bidding and payments.

*(Hard) Reserve (HR) - A price threshold above which the item will be sold to the highest bidder.

*Soft Reserve (SR) - A price threshold above which the item will be sold to the highest bidder but if bids end up below this price the seller can accept or reject the offer.

*Buy It Now (BIN) - Used for Auction items to describe a price that an item can be purchased at outright, prior to a lower bid being submitted that meets the "reserve" price. This is for clarity and to avoid allowing people to pull the rug out from under pre-existing bidders.

*Dutch Auction - An auction where the seller periodically updates the asking price by decreasing it. The first person to "bid" at the most recent price wins the item. This is effectively the way that many people will run "Fixed Price" items as they will reduce the asking price on unsold items as we get closer to the event.

Have fun listing, looking, selling, and buying!