Just like board games, Fun K-Town has a few rules to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

Fun It's no mistake Fun K-Town start with "fun." Make sure your good time is not preventing someone else's fun. Keep in mind this is a family friendly event. We ask that you not bring games with a mature theme. (I'm looking at you - Scrabble After Dark!)

COVID caveats We will be following COVID guidelines for group events from the CDC, the City of Knoxville and the Knoxville Convention Center at the time of the event. Anyone not comfortable with the COVID rules may request a refund up to 3 days prior to the event. Any CDC or other limitations on group sizes at the time of the event will be met by refunding tickets based on the order date (last in / first out) until the group limit is met or the event is canceled. We will also require a coronavirus liability release to be on file for every attendee.

Food and Drinks The Knoxville Convention Center does not allow outside food. Please limit food and drinks in the gaming area. Nothing kills a great game quicker than being flooded by a soda. To help protect the games, we ask that drinks in the game room have a cap or lid. And unless you are bringing your mom, you must clean up after yourself.

Smoking and Alcohol Our event is smoke and vaping free. Smoking can be done outside the building, but under state law (TCA Section 39-17-1804), you need to be far enough away from the building that smoke doesn't waft back into the facility. No outside alcohol can be brought into the venue.

Photos Throughout the weekend, we will be taking photographs to use as future event promotion or to share with our sponsors so they can see their donations in action. Attending the event is consent to your image being used in this manner.

Community Games We encourage everyone to bring games to play with their friends, new and old. Please make sure that all games are labeled with the owner's name inside the lid! (Games brought to Fun K-Town will add to the fun but will be at the game owner's risk.) If you are willing to let others borrow your games during the event, there will be Community Games tables along one wall. Games on these tables will be considered available to the group to borrow during the event. Games stored in the cabinets or under the tablecloths are for the owner's use only. If you borrow a game, please appreciate the owner's trust that the game will be returned exactly as it was found.  We always encourage new and experienced players alike to double check the floor and general area to make sure all game pieces are back in the box before returning the game to its location.