Digging some board game action?
Head down to
Fun K-Town!
Knoxville's Grooviest Board Game Weekend.
And that ain't no jive talkin'. 

 Fun K-Town is a three day, family friendly weekend filled with board gaming for the greater Knoxville area and beyond.
Invite your friends, and try the latest games on the board gaming scene.
Bring your family, and see how far games have evolved from Monopoly and Scrabble.
Check out a game from the Game Library, or just sit down with our great Game Hosts to learn the Game of the Hour. 

What does a board game convention
in Knoxville look like?

Check out the highlight video from
Fun K-Town 2023!

Make plans now to join
all the board gaming fun
Fun K-Town 2024
next April 26th - 28th!

It doesn't matter whether you have a regular board game group or
you enjoy an occasional family game night.
You will have a great time at Fun K-Town!

2024 Featured Designer - Ben Rosset

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